ABOLISH BILL 101 RALLY for April 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recently a number of men and women from numerous different ethnic and religious and lingusitic communities in Greater Montreal discussed a rally and march to abolish Bill 101 in our political region. It was decided to invite participants to brandish posters and signs in every language of each community on the Island and throughout Greater Montreal who shows a marcher.

The ad-hoc Committee to ABOLISH BILL 101 plans this as the first in a regular twice-annual event: April and October … until Bill 101 and official Quebec french racism is outlawed by either Canada or the United Nations. Twice a year will keep it in the consciousness of the victims of Bill 101 who want to go to the World Court in The hague for Reparations against the particular separatist leaders, lodges, clubs, fronts, unions and businesses as well as individuals responsible for the fascism we live under here. In any event we realize that we must do this ourselves if we are ever to hope to change the inherent anti-democracy and anti-Human Rights music emanating from of Ottawa (Canada) and Geneva (UN).

An obvious way Montrealers can now show their dissatisfaction with the present french racist dictatorship in Quebec is to attend the rally set for Sunday, April 17, 2011 at Montreal City Hall. Originally the Committee had decided to stage the march to the Office of the French Language on Sherbrooke Street at Saint Urban. This idea was eventually changed to move this march and rally to Montreal City Hall for a number of reasons. Firstly the Committee members were primarily concerned with ABOLISHING BILL 101 in Greater Montreal -as a political entity with a distinctly different social and ethnic composition from the rest of Quebec province. Greater Montreal is where we live. This is where we want ABOLITION of Bill 101 applied across the board.

Therefore arguing with a political entity under provincial jurisdiction such as the Language Police would be wasted. This is so because Kébekistani french racists control all mechanisms of power in the Quebec system. They tailor-made it to exclude any human beings not of their inferior breed of racist fascist Joual-speaking people. We want separate rules for our multi-ethnic population of Greater Montreal … separate rules from those of Quebec. This is plainly logical since we are now 54% composed of all individuals who decend not from any kind of French origin -racist french Kébekistani or otherwise.

Forty percent (40%) of the French population here, which in total is only 46% of the Greater Montreal total population now … are not french racists from Quebec but persecuted francophones from West Africa, Haiti, and Vietnam. And some intellectuals and business people from France and Belgium whom the racist Quebecois french view as colonialist intruders into their rightful domain of stolen Indian land have also made it clear they disapprove “in the strongest terms” racism of the Quebecois also.

Another 20% of this 46% of the francophones are Acadian and French Canadians who have moved to Montreal for work like milions of others. Thus the separatist racist total core of french racists backing Bill 101 on this Island and throughout Greater Montreal might leave a much lower total of perhaps 40% of this 46% -which is actual Kébekistani racist caste. This amounts to less than 19% of the total population of Greater Montreal.

This unmasks another Kébekistani separatist delusion and a projected ‘illusion’ to those here who are not converted. Yet the racist laws put all of their members and committed followers into public service and unionized jobs. Meanwhile the rest of us -often better qualified- go without through many years of inferior living standards than we deserve. This is what Hitler did: stacked his infrastructure with Party members and intellectually inferior “yes” men and “yes” women. We have met many in Montreal government offices.

To receive more information and keep informed on coming events by email, send your email address to pagazette514@gmail.com and simply ask to be placed upon the mailing list. Talk it up with friends in the interim period. We hope to see you at the march and rally in April 2011.

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